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Indo Holly Films is proud to announce our latest release, “A Pandemic: Away from the Motherland”, a feature-length documentary film about the COVID-19 pandemic, due to be released soon. This documentary represents the vanguard of a new era of filmmaking - it was shot under lockdown, entirely from Producer Sweta Rai’s home in Downtown Los Angeles. “A Pandemic” aims to tell the stories of five front-line doctors fighting the pandemic abroad in the US, away from their homeland of India.

The featured doctors include Dr. Ankit Bharat (renowned for pioneering a double-lung transplant surgery on a COVID-19 patient, among many other accomplishments), Dr. Pooja Malhotra (who contracted the disease and returned to work after recovering), Dr. Uma Madhusudana (Internal Medicine), Dr. Shreedar Kulkarni (Internal Medicine), and Dr. Shantanu Singh (Critical Care & Pulmonary Diseases). The resulting work is an emotional, empathetic look at the sacrifices made by these doctors and the heroism they and many others have displayed in thousands of hospitals throughout this pandemic that often goes unnoticed.


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Indo Holly Films is excited to announce their upcoming documentary, entitled “Shades”. This movie highlights the struggles of women accross the world who must face complexion biases due to the color of their skin. Shades is slated to be released by the end of 2020.


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It is a story of an Indian dancer Jiya who fights the societal barriers and moves from Bollywood to Hollywood. The movie is in pre-production in Los Angeles and India.